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The Kingfisher Episode 18 (Yalı Çapkını)

In the series, which will be the subject of the events that happened when a strong family from Antep married their irresponsible sons, the events of a girl who came to Istanbul as a bride by getting married to a young person whom the family does not know, although she is the daughter of an important family in Antep, is the subject of the series.


Afra Saraçoğlu,

Mert Ramazan Demir,

Cetin Tekindor,

Şerif Sezer,

Gülçin Şantırcıoğlu,

Emre Altuğ.

DIRECTOR: Burcu Alptekin
SCENARIO: Mehmet Barış Günger

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Yalı Çapkını Episode 18 on Star

In the center of the events of the Turkish TV series “Yalı Çapkını” was a young man named Ferit. The hero of the Turkish series with Spanish subtitles was born into a wealthy family and his father was a wealthy man from Gaziantep. Ferit got used to the fact that in this life he always got everything he want and got it without any problems. At the same time, he didn’t need to do anything to get what he wanted. As a result, he grew up as a spoiled young man who is used to burning the life out of him and spends most of his time at various parties and recreation. He likes to be in dubious companies and Ferit was not going to change anything in his life.


The father of the protagonist of the Turkish series “Yalı Çapkını” in Turkish is called Halis Aga, and he does not at all like the lifestyle that the heir leads. He understands that if he continues like this, everything can become a shame. Then Halis Aga thinks that it is time for Ferit to get married. He even chose a suitable wife for his son, who was from a simple family, but at the same time very intelligent. The man thinks that after marriage his son will take the way. Ferit, in his opinion, will finally come to his senses and may even get some kind of job and understand what it means to earn money from his own work.


Another heroine of the Turkish series “Yalı Çapkını”, which you can watch online with English subtitles, is a girl named Seyran. She is very beautiful, intelligent, educated, and a doctor by profession. The locals love and respect Dr. Seyran very much for her kindness, her responsiveness, her amazing medical skills, and her professionalism. It is for this reason that Khalis Agha chose this girl as a wife for her neglected son. After all, only such a girl can make Ferit a responsible person. Khalis Aga is not going to postpone this matter and she intends to marry Seyran for her son as soon as possible. But what will ultimately come out of such an adventure?

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Afra Saraçoğlu is a Turkish actress
Born: 2 December 1997 (age 25 years), Edremit, Türkiye
Parents: Lütfiye Saraçoğlu
Nationality: Turkish
Education: Anadolu University

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