Best sling bags for women… You Should look Sexy and No.1 Smart

Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women
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Every woman knows that accessories can save or ruin an outfit. One of the key elements in our outfits is, clearly, the bag, which reflects the way we express ourselves through our style. Every detail of our outfit says something about us, and we can’t give the wrong idea because of a bad accessory decision. Best sling bags, for example, is a favorite accessory for women of all ages. Follow the tips below to discover the different models and some tips to find out the best sling bags for women.


What is a Sling Bag? (best sling bags for women)

Sling bags are those bags characterized by having an adjustable strap, which allows them to be worn over the shoulder or crossed, They are usually small in size, so they are ideal for traveling or shopping.

Types of Sling bags: (best sling bags for women)

You don’t have to be a fashion guru to carry a bag of this type, as there are designs from the most casual to the most glamorous, ready to walk the runway. So no matter what your style is, we assure you that there will be a shoulder bag that will fit perfectly into your closet.

Mini mini sling: (best sling bags for women)

These are bags that fit the essentials. There are even designs where your smartphone and keys would probably cover the whole place. They are ideal for a day out, where you don’t need to carry too much and the weight of your bag won’t be a hindrance.

Hip sling bags: 

with straps long enough to cross over or wear over the shoulder, that sit on the hip or even lower. This type of sling bag will become the most eye-catching accessory in your outfit.

Evening sling bag:

these sling bags are the most elegant and fashionable. Many models are decorated with beautiful jewelry, sequins, or chains, using a classic color base that will match any evening outfit to make you look radiant.

Leather shoulder bags: any piece made of leather is elegant and gives a powerful touch to your outfit. Well, leather shoulder bags are not far behind.

There are more daring models, such as velvet or fringed, bright colors, and certainly the striking designs in animal print. Big brands have launched a huge variety of shoulder bags that adapt to any style and are ideal for any occasion, such as Michael Kors bags, also available online on websites like

DIFFERENT TYPES OF SLING BAGS: (best sling bags for women)

  • 1. SATCHEL
  • 2. SADDLE
  • 13. BUCKET BAG
  • 14. CAMERA BAG
  • 17. MICRO BAG
  • 19. ROUND BAG
  • 20. TOTE BAG

What to take into consideration when using a sling bag?

Despite a large number of models and designs of handbags that fit every style and personality, we must keep in mind that not all handbags will make us look the way we want. To avoid being overshadowed by our own accessories, we must take three things into consideration:
one of the most important aspects to take into account is our height. For short women, it is advisable to use medium-sized bags or mini shoulder bags, since a bag that is too big will make them look even smaller. On the contrary, taller women tend to look better with medium or large bags, because a small bag could cause the look to be incomplete.
Besides being fatal for our back, a bag that is too heavy could ruin our posture and make us look off-balance.
A fairly common rule dictates that larger bags are for daytime and smaller ones are worn at night.

How do I choose the best sling bags for women?

1) You should choose a lightweight and unique color, although it depends on your destination.
2) If you are going on a jungle safari then you should take a dark color sling bag and not choose bright colors like yellow, red, or pink because animals are irritated with these colors. You should choose a bottle green or brown. 
3) If you are going to an evening party or dating then it should be a bright and smart color.
4) Always choose the multi-pocket option that helps you put things as to your necessities.
5) Choose a comfortable strap that should be easy to use and adjustable.

What should I carry in my sling bag?

Essential Items Should Always Be with You in Your Bag whether you are on a travel or daily routine. 
Water Bottle. The most important thing which tops the list for anyone is a water bottle.
Dry food
Mobile Phone. Cellphones are almost like another part of our brain. …
Chargers and Earphones. …
Note Book. …
House Keys. …
Scrunchies. …
First Aid Kit. …
A Mask.
Necessary Medicine
Identity Card
Monye pouch

How do celebrities wear it?

There are those who prefer to have their own style but others, on the other hand, are faithful to the trends set by the most famous models and the biggest influencers in the fashion world. From the hairstyle to the accessories, whatever they wear manages to cause a furor and create a trend. Now that shoulder bags are making a comeback in this versatile world, it’s no wonder to see these famous women wearing them, each with their own style.

Carrying the shoulder bag under the arm has become a favorite choice of influencers. Although it is not very practical, it certainly gives a sophisticated touch and manages to turn any design into an elegant evening bag.

Although it is not the most comfortable or logical option, in the fashion world sometimes we must sacrifice functionality and comfort for glamour and trend. Another option, which has been mentioned before, is to wear it at the hip. There are also those who have worn this practical bag… up to the knee!

10 Best sling bags for women …A Review

Sling bags have become very popular in the past few years and are more than just a fashion accessory, they are a great way to carry your everyday items compared to a large backpack. Here we take a look at 10 traveling bags that we find very interesting. If you want more detailed information about any of the slings we review here, check out the links provided

Let’s dive in and check out ten examples of slings that really stuck with us right now, It’s hard to talk about slings without mentioning Aer, especially the Aer Day Sling 2

1. Aer Day Sling 2 (Best sling bags for women)

Aer Day Sling 2 is made for urban adventurers. We dig its sleek streamlined aesthetic that people love so much in cities around the world
It’s paired with 1680 D Cordura ballistic nylon and Coil YKK zippers, and it’s resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women

It’s the most comfortable to wear we’ve tested. The sling is a crossbody that rests against the wearer’s back, but you can swing it forward if you want to do something, but if you’re wearing a backpack it’s difficult to swing forward if it’s heavy. This is because the strap is off-center and next to the body of the bag, which is a huge plus point compared to slings with centered buckles that dig into your back if you wear them in front of you. Easy to access backpack plus buckle on your back which means you can remove the sling without opening your backpack. Firstly there is plenty of space and organization to easily fit all your essentials and then some main compartments are big enough. Fit a Nintendo Switch or an iPad mini and you’ll get hidden compartments for items you want to keep extra secure, like your wallet or your passport all in all the Aer day sling.

Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women
  • Ultra-durable,
  • water-resistant
  • 1680D Cordura® ballistic nylon exterior
  • (originally developed for military body armor)
  • Tablet pocket and internal organization for small accessories.
  • Lightweight
Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women


• 1680D Cordura® ballistic nylon exterior
• YKK® zippers
• Duraflex® plastic hardware
• Tablet pocket (fits up to 7.9″ tablet)
• Multiple internal pockets for small accessories
• Adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and quick access
• Hidden back pocket for your passport or wallet

Best sling bags for women
Best sling bags for women

Length: 12.5″ (32 cm)
Width: 6″ (15 cm)
Depth: 3″ (7.5 cm)


4.5 L


0.7 lbs

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