IMDb Ant-man and the wasp: Quantumania

IMDB Ant man Quantumania (Movie 2023)

IMDB ant-man and the wasp: quantumania

On February 17, Marvel Studios will release IMDB ant-man and the wasp: quantumania, the third feature starring the avenger who, despite all odds, discovered the way to defeating Thanos… and will now ensure that no one forgets such an achievement.

It certainly helps that Paul Rudd, with all of his charm (which is considerable), is the one who brings Scott Lang to life, and that Peyton Reed is back at the helm after directing the character’s last two solo outings.

Along with them, Evangeline Lilly reprises her role as Hope van Dyne, also known as The Wasp, while Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer reprise their roles as Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, respectively -parents of this and original versions of the duo of little superheroes-, and join the cast Kathryn Newton in the role of a grown Cassie Lang, daughter of the title hero, and Jonathan Majors as the new great villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Kang the Conqueror, a force of nature that transcends space and, above all, time.

If the previous installment, Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), had a significant impact on the narrative that led to the first phases of this massive film project, culminating in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019), Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania now enters the next phase of Marvel Studios’ plan.

imdb ant-man and the wasp: quantumania

More than one hero has answered to the name Ant-Man in Marvel comics, the original being Hank Pym, an entomologist, and genius in the fields of biochemistry and robotics engineering (his genius would eventually earn him the title of Scientist Supreme of the Land). He was the one who discovered Pym Particles, which allowed him to change the size and mass of any item or living creature, even himself.

He became Ant-Man after creating a suit to utilize his subatomic particles, and Janet Van Dyne in The Wasp joined him. Both would be husband and wife, original members of The Avengers who were heavily involved in some of their most memorable exploits, such as the development of their robotic archenemy Ultron.

However, the Ant-Man in the movies is Scott Lang, an accomplished electrical engineer who is unable to support his family with his career and is determined to heal his daughter (little Cassie),, He opted to utilize his expertise to get into Dr. Pym’s residence and take his suit… without realizing he was being watched. After his stay in jail, Scott Lang turned his back on crime and got his life back, and as a superhero, he has not only been among the ranks of The Avengers but has also been part of The Fantastic Four and The Future Foundation.

There was another Ant-Man when Eric O’Grady donned the suit… but we have yet to see him on the big (or small) screen.

imdb ant-man and the wasp: quantumania

Hank Pym has reinvented himself as Ant-Man in Tales to Astonish #35 USA (1961. Marvel Gold. Ant-Man: The Man in the Anthill!) and Giant Man in Tales to Astonish #49 USA… but there are many identities he has assumed as a member of The Avengers: he adopted the name Goliath in The Avengers #28 USA (1966. Marvel Gold: The Avengers #2) to save Janet Van Dyne.

He also called himself Yellow Jacket from The Avengers # 59 USA (1968. Marvel Gold. The Avengers: United in Combat!), And this identity is tied to the memory of his marriage to Jan… for good and worse. Our hero elected to be only Doctor Pym, Scientist Adventurer, in The West Coast Avengers after falling from grace and on his journey to redemption, most recently commanding the Avengers under the moniker Wasp after his wife.

Scott Lang’s career is also tied to the group whose pages he first appeared in, The Avengers #181 USA (1978). Ant-Man: The Arrival of Scott Lang) as a technician for Stark International… before taking on the Ant-Man costume in Marvel Premiere #47 USA (1979).

So close, in fact, that he was one of the fallen heroes in Marvel Must-epic Have’s narrative. Her daughter Cassie remembered her father as Stature in a Marvel Must-Have following Avengers: Disassembled. #1 of the Young Avengers. In the Marvel Universe since then, father and daughter have shared heroics, either individually or together and jumbled, like in the Ant-Man: Hive World saga. Everything is kept at home! let’s wait for imdb ant-man and the wasp: quantumania.

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