Hot 100+ Ullu Web Series Cast Name and Actress List

All Ullu Web Series Name, Cast, and Actress List

Ullu Web Series Cast Name and Actress List are very hot news every time because Ullu is an OTT platform where more than 70 web series have been released so far and different actresses have worked inside each web series, so friends, today we are going to tell you about all those hot actresses of Ullu who are in your hearts.

Tell that all these actresses are always in the discussion because of their boldness and beauty and this is the reason why they are counted in the list of Ullu’s top actresses. (Ullu Top Actress Name) People like to see her more often, so friends, if you want to know about the bold actress of Ullu, then definitely read this article completely.

And one thing, all the web series that is released in Ullu App, all those hot and bold web series which you family should never watch. Ullu App keeps releasing one or two web series every week. And in that too, Lover keeps watching more than 10 million web series.

If we talk about Ullu Web Series Cast, then it is shown with a very hot look. Which you can see in this post of ours.


  • Charmsukh Chawl House Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Chawl House 3 Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 2 Cast
  • Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 3 Cast
  • Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 4 Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 5 Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Degree Wala Teacher Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Promotion Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Sex Education Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Flat 69 Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Pyaas Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Role Play Cast (Ullu App)
  • Charmsukh Telephone Booth Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Humse Na Ho Payega Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Pajama Party Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Sauda Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Kaamwali Bai Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Highway CCast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Karna Zaruri Hai Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Mom And Daughter Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Salahkaar Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Toilet Love Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Yeh Kaisa Rishta Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Live Streaming Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Train Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Impotent Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Majboori Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Tauba Tauba Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Tapan Cast (Ullu)
  • Charmsukh Tawa Garam Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Caretaker Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Mom and Daughter Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Double Dhamaka Cast (Ullu App)
  • Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Naye Padosi Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Shor Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Sazaa Ya Mazaa Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Friend Request Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Kirayedaar Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Saas Bahu & NRI Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Blackmail Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Care Taker 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Damaad Ji Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Beta Aashiq Baap Ayyash Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Zaroorat Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Damaad Ji 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Siskiyaan Cast (Ullu)
  • Palang Tod Siskiyaan 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Prabha Ki Diary Cast (Ullu)
  • Prabha Ki Diary The Wife Cast (Ullu)
  • Prabha Ki Diary Dil Se Lekin Cast (Ullu)
  • Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special Cast (Ullu)
  • Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife Cast (Ullu)
  • Call Center Cast (Ullu)
  • Riti Riwaj Haldi Cast (Ullu App)
  • Riti Riwaj Pinjara Cast (Ullu)
  • Riti Riwaj Love Festival Cast (Ullu)
  • Riti Riwaj Wife On Rent Cast (Ullu)
  • Riti Riwaj Tijarat Cast (Ullu)
  • Riti Riwaj Taala Chaabi Cast (Ullu App)
  • Riti Riwaj Water Wives Cast (Ullu)
  • Riti Riwaj Mann Marzi Cast (Ullu)
  • Tandoor Cast (Ullu Originals)
  • Halala Cast (Ullu)
  • Assi Nabbe Poore Sau Cast (Ullu)
  • Kavita Bhabhi Cast (Ullu)
  • Kavita Bhabhi Season 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Cast (Ullu)
  • Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 Cast (Ullu)
  • Good Night Cast (Ullu)
  • Ishq Kills Cast (Ullu)
  • Kasak Cast (Ullu)
  • Catlady Cast (Ullu)
  • Lovely Massage Parlour Cast (Ullu)
  • The Last Show Cast (Ullu)
  • Paro Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Cast (Ullu)
  • Rupaya 500 Cast (Ullu)
  • Rupaya 500 Part 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Khunnas Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Dunali Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Blue Whale Cast (Ullu)
  • Client No. 7 Cast (Ullu)
  • Namkeen Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Fatherhood Cast (Ullu)
  • The Devil Inside Cast (Ullu)
  • Tandoor Cast (Ullu)
  • Madhosh Diaries Adla Badli Cast (Ullu)
  • Games Of Karma Kabristan Cast (Ullu)
  • Games of Karma Kachra Cast (Ullu)
  • Game of Karma Happy Birthday Cast (Ullu)
  • Games of Karma BDSM Cast (Ullu)
  • aghanya Dil Ke Armaan Cast (Ullu)
  • Hotspot Videshi Ishq Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Hotspot Video Calling Cast (Ullu)
  • Hotspot Matrimony Cast (Ullu)
  • Pratiksha Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Cyanide Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Games Of Karma Sangeet Cast (Ullu)
  • Hotspot Fantasy Cast (Ullu)
  • Relationship Counsellor Cast (Ullu)
  • Robot Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Games Of Karma Chhal Cast (Ullu)
  • Exit Web Series Cast
  • Gaachi Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Jaghanya Upaay Cast (Ullu)
  • Ferrous Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Navel of Love Cast (Ullu)
  • Lahore Diaries Cast (Ullu)
  • Patra Petika Cast (Ullu)
  • King’s Man Cast (Ullu)
  • Jalebi Bai Cast (Ullu)
  • Jhumke Cast (Ullu)
  • Love Next Door Cast (Ullu)
  • Wrong Turn Cast (Ullu)
  • Dunali 2 Cast (Ullu)
  • Jaal Web Series Cast (Ullu)
  • Choodiwala Cast (Ullu)
  • Titliyaan Cast (Ullu)
  • 130 130. Khoon Bhari Maang Cast (Ullu)
  • Lady Finger Cast (Ullu)
  • Walkman Cast (Ullu)
  • Takk Cast (Ullu)
  • Ishqiyapa Cast (Ullu)

Charmsukh Chawl House Cast (Ullu)

Ullu Web Series Cast
Ullu Web Series Cast
Ullu Web Series Cast
  • Sneha Paul as Renu
  • Dakshita Kumar as Ronit
  • Eshan Tiwari as Bhanu
  • Jyostna Trivedi as Snehal
  • Meenu Sharma as Mami

Charmsukh Chawl House

Genre: 18+Drama

Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Cast (Ullu)

Sneha Paul
  • Sneha Paul
  • Ravi Parmar
  • Prabhakar Prasad Mishra
  • Chaitali Jadhav
  • Suhana Khan
  • Shabaaz Badi
  • Nikhil Parmar
  • Meena Sharma
Ullu Web Series Cast

Charmsukh Chawl House 3 Cast (Ullu)

Sneha Paul
  • Ankita Dave as Teena
  • Sneha Paul as Meena
  • Nikhil Parmar as Rahul
  • Ravi Parmar
  • Meenu Sharma
Ullu Web Series Cast

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